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People say, “the older someone, the wiser they will be”.

In highschool, I used to live with the people that have visions, opinions, religion, native language, hobby, favorite book, and even religion that same as me. So, at that time, I lived happily and peacefully. And when I enter higher education, I realize something, life is not as simple as I think. There are many differences that I have never noticed before. When I used to talk about the teachings in my religion, now I can not go around discussing with all my friends. Because their religion is not only islam. They have various background, ethnic, native language, and so on. We can not impose each other’s will here. If we do that, There will be divisions among us. Learn to appreciate and understand difference because difference is necessity.

Banyuwangi, 28 Juli 2017



Since childhood, I live in an area which access to education is limited. There’re some of my childmates have got married and they already have a baby. My friends who have a baby don’t graduate from junior high school. It’s because financial problem. They must sacrifice their education for their family. It’s easier for get ting married than getting education. Why does it happen? Well, because in my country, if we want to get education, we must sacrifice everything. You know, in here, education is just for some group that they have a lot of money. For us, education is expensive. And if we want to get that, we must give all of our efforts to get that. For my friends, if you have easy access to education, you must make use of this for getting knowledge well. You must study hard. Don’t be lazy. Don’t even give up. You must be successful, so you can help us to get good education. If we don’t have opportunity to deserve that, at least, our descent will have opportunity to study in school, even in college. 
Banyuwangi, 17 Juni 2017 | 22 Ramadhan 1438 H