Is Our Earth Okay?

Since I got a lesson about a little bit knowing what my

faculty looks like (read : PSTH, Pengantar Sekolah Ilmu dan Teknologi Hayati),
I got a new insight about what have happend in my world I live in. My earth is
not okay right now. He is sick. Very very sick. I’m really sad abou it.

We have already faced
climate change. Something that my teacher always reminds her students every
time. When I was in senior high school, I got a home work to make a literature
about climate change. But, unfortunately, it didn’t have an impact on me. I
just thoght, it just an assignment to finish and didn’t even thought what
contributions I should took to save my earth. I didn’t care about it.

There is a quatation that says, “The older somebody, the
wiser they will be”. I readily agree with that. Maybe because I got a lesson
about climate change in PSTH and I have watched eleventh hour, they inspire me
a lot. I just realized that climate change is real and it will affect our whole

I just watched a talk by Finn Haries, someone who inspires
me to take action regarding to climate change. If we want to take
responsibility to our earth due to what have we done to it, we can do simple

First, educate. Second, organize, and the last is lead by

Okay, I admit that we-human-have a lot of impact on our
environment and me made the problem to our society. But i doesn’t mean we can’t
take action to save our world. We can as long as we want.

Bandung, 3 May 2018



People say, “the older someone, the wiser they will be”.

In highschool, I used to live with the people that have visions, opinions, religion, native language, hobby, favorite book, and even religion that same as me. So, at that time, I lived happily and peacefully. And when I enter higher education, I realize something, life is not as simple as I think. There are many differences that I have never noticed before. When I used to talk about the teachings in my religion, now I can not go around discussing with all my friends. Because their religion is not only islam. They have various background, ethnic, native language, and so on. We can not impose each other’s will here. If we do that, There will be divisions among us. Learn to appreciate and understand difference because difference is necessity.

Banyuwangi, 28 Juli 2017

Keep Writing

I don’t know when I start to write. Maybe it begins at junior high school when I know this phrase, “Dear diary”. Through that word I have a diary book. I write everything that have happened during all day on it, about my feeling, how I spent my time, my madness, and another.

As time goes by, I realize that writing is not only to express my feeling, bigger than that. Writting is for inspiring others. Inspiring others for good things is remarkable. Maybe you’re not a leader but you have a dream to make this world become a better place, you still can make your dream comes true. Write. You don’t have to scream in front of many people to express your opinion, just write and they will know it. Writing is spreading goodness if what you write is good things.

At first it is so hard. You don’t know what will you write. You don’t have any ideas. You don’t know how to arrange words become a good sentece. Your grammar is so bad. Your knowledge is limited. How if other people don’t like my writing. Never mind, just keep writing. Do you know baobabs? Before they grow so big, they start out by being little. So do you. Great writer never come up suddenly. They are faithful to the process. Because process can make them great.

If you find comment like “Why do you still writing even though it is bad?”. Don’t give up. As long as you want to inspire others, go ahead. You don’t know wheter your writing will make a change or not. Intend it for goodness, Insya Allah goodness will follow you.

“The best of people are those who are the most beneficial to people”. I am used to make this hadith be my encouragement for doing goodness. And spreading kindness to others is one of beneficial activities. If you are beneficial to others so that you are the best people on this world.


Banyuwangi, 05 Juli 2017 | 11 Syawal 1438 H


Since childhood, I live in an area which access to education is limited. There’re some of my childmates have got married and they already have a baby. My friends who have a baby don’t graduate from junior high school. It’s because financial problem. They must sacrifice their education for their family. It’s easier for get ting married than getting education. Why does it happen? Well, because in my country, if we want to get education, we must sacrifice everything. You know, in here, education is just for some group that they have a lot of money. For us, education is expensive. And if we want to get that, we must give all of our efforts to get that. For my friends, if you have easy access to education, you must make use of this for getting knowledge well. You must study hard. Don’t be lazy. Don’t even give up. You must be successful, so you can help us to get good education. If we don’t have opportunity to deserve that, at least, our descent will have opportunity to study in school, even in college. 
Banyuwangi, 17 Juni 2017 | 22 Ramadhan 1438 H

The Kind of You is Determined by Your Friends

I have no idea. Right now, I just want to share about what I have read, friends. Yeah, they are who always around you whenever and wherever you are. They are is a place for you to share everything. They are who always support you when you are lazy, unmotivated, and when you feel bored. Those are the positive effect from friends. While the negative impacts from friends which I feel for so long are lead to me to something worse. For so long after thinking so hard, I assume that the kind of you in the future is determined by what kind of your friends are. So, if you wanna be a good person, please make a friendship with good one too. While if you wanna be a bad person, you will make a friendship with a bad one too. I think you can choose a kind of friendship which you want.

Because I’ll be a freshman in two months and I must live in hostel, I hope I’ll have a good friend that will accompany me to be a better person. Amin

Don’t Waste Your Food

All human being need food to life. Like what I have learned in my school, especially in Biology that people need glucose to succeed metabolism process in their body. Whitout metabolism our body can’t produce energy to do our activities like running, reading, studying, walking, and so on. Unfortunately, most of people around the world throw away their foof that is still good enough to eat whereas they can feed millions of other people.

Be honest, I often throw away my food. When I want to dawn for fasting, unfortunately  I am late to wake up so I eat my food in hurry and sometime I can’t eat all of my food because the time is limited so I throw away them. Sometimes I feel gulty to throw away my food because there is a lot of people in other world still can’t eat. As child I also thought by my mother that I may not throw away my food because they will cry if I do that.`

You know, food is a sustenance from Allah. So if we throw away food, it means we also refuse the sustenance from Allah too. You need to know, not every people get sustenance from Allah.

If you throw away your food, it means you are not grateful or other word, you are kufr.  “And [remember] when your Lord proclaimed, ‘If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor]; but if you deny, indeed, My punishment is severe.’ ” (Surah Ibrahim : 7)

So, from now, let’s try to not throw away our food. Instead of throwing the food, you can give your extra food the other people that need your food. Therefore your food will not be in vain and you can also be rewarded by God.

So [Solomon] smiled, amused at her speech, and said, “My Lord, enable me to be grateful for Your favor which You have bestowed upon me and upon my parents and to do righteousness of which You approve. And admit me by Your mercy into [the ranks of] Your righteous servants.” (Surah An-Naml : 19)