Is Our Earth Okay?

Since I got a lesson about a little bit knowing what my

faculty looks like (read : PSTH, Pengantar Sekolah Ilmu dan Teknologi Hayati),
I got a new insight about what have happend in my world I live in. My earth is
not okay right now. He is sick. Very very sick. I’m really sad abou it.

We have already faced
climate change. Something that my teacher always reminds her students every
time. When I was in senior high school, I got a home work to make a literature
about climate change. But, unfortunately, it didn’t have an impact on me. I
just thoght, it just an assignment to finish and didn’t even thought what
contributions I should took to save my earth. I didn’t care about it.

There is a quatation that says, “The older somebody, the
wiser they will be”. I readily agree with that. Maybe because I got a lesson
about climate change in PSTH and I have watched eleventh hour, they inspire me
a lot. I just realized that climate change is real and it will affect our whole

I just watched a talk by Finn Haries, someone who inspires
me to take action regarding to climate change. If we want to take
responsibility to our earth due to what have we done to it, we can do simple

First, educate. Second, organize, and the last is lead by

Okay, I admit that we-human-have a lot of impact on our
environment and me made the problem to our society. But i doesn’t mean we can’t
take action to save our world. We can as long as we want.

Bandung, 3 May 2018




verb [no obj.] make the spontaneous sounds and movements of the face and body that are the instinctive expressions of lively amusement and sometimes also of derision – oxford dictionary.

We all like to laugh. I mean, most of us do!

Some people said that laugh is good for our health, but laugh can also be harmful. There’s a phrase, saying that laughter is the best medicine. Talking of medicine, there are many medical studies which examine the benefits of laughter – it reduces stress, it’s good for your heart, things like that. But Professor Robin Ferner said that laughter has many negative effects like heart rhythm disturbance which had stopped their heart, fainting, burst gullets, dislocated their jaws or burst their lungs. Some of those sound quite nasty. I think they will not happen if we aren’t over laughing.

Surely, there are some benefits of laughing like you can lose your weight by laughing because you use enrgy when you laugh. You move your diaphragm, you expand your lungs. Laughing for quarter of an hour will burn up 40 kcal, and if you laugh all day you’d use up about 2,000 calories which is what most people consume in a day. And also laughing make people feel better, and it can reduce the chance of having a heart attack.

Moving on, I have two questions for you. First, Which Greek word means the study of laughter and its effect on the body? It’s gelotology-which comes from the Greek word, gelos which means laughter. Second, at what age do babies begin to laugh? The answer is at 3-6 months and they start to simel at 0-3 months.

Alright then.

We rarely laugh when we’re on our own. You know why? Because laughter is a social thing that we generally like to share with other people. Anyway, some researchers believe that the purpose of laughter is related to the way we bond with each other. And the more we laugh, the more we bond as a group.

So, if you wanna happy, let’s join in groups and share with others! Unfortunately, I didn’t spend lots of my time with my friends in groups. You know me, I’m sometime an introvert and ambivert so I spend most of my time in home with loneliness. When my classmate travell to somewhere, I didn’t join them. I just joined them one time. And finally, I feel regret not spend my high school time with them.

Your Appearance

Have you experienced when your friends say, “You’re not looking in great shape.”? Honestly, I often experience it. “You’re too thin, Risa! Come on, please eat a lot of food! Would you like be a living corpse?” I’m annoyed everytime I hear that. Yeah, I know that I’m thin. But I think I’m not too thin. I’m ideal. So, please don’t force me to eat too much! I hate it. Once more, everytime I work out, don’t ask me, ” Why do you work out? Your body has already been thin.” Oh, come on! This is my right. I have the right to decide to work out or not.

I’m asking you not to judge people according to the way they look. Appearance can fool you. Unfortunately, most of people still do that. Well, I admit I still often judge the people by their appearance, but I try to eliminate that although it’s difficult. Now, It’s not only people who make quick decisions about others based on their appearance, some animals do this too. Did you know peahens? That is a female peacock. During breeding season, they prefer male peacocks with lots of eyespots on their tail. Why’s that? Well. one theory is that a male peacock’s tail is a sign of his genes-part of the DNA in a cell that controls the physical development and behaviour of living creatures. It takes lots of energy to grow a big tail, and to carry it around, so only the strongest, healthiest males can afford to do this. By the way, this information has been exist on SIMAK UI 2016th test.

Based on research, the traits of men that attract women are a deep voice and a square jaw. Oh, come on, It doesn’t make sense. In my opinion, attractive man is a man who memorize 30 juz – Ya Allah, I hope I can have a hafidz husband -, has good attitude, knows Islam well, and can accompany me to the jannah. Amin.

Can you imagine that in the past men quite often to wear corsets? No, I can’t. Between 18th and 19th century, men quite often would wear corsets to enhance their physical appearance and display their status and rank. Sorry men, I don’t need your physical appearance. I just need your heart, your love.

But, come to think of it, the way we dress is still important. Just imagine a woman wearing not appropriate chlotes and a woman wearing good chlotes – I mean she wears hijab. Which one do you like? I’d like to say a woman wearing good chlotes of course. At lease, she knows Islam well than the other.

Well, sometimes we need to judge people by their appearance and sometimes we don’t need it. It depends on situations and the people whom we judge. I hope I can judge at a suitable time.


Banyuwangi, 03 Mei 2017

-Latihan nulis essay buat Incoming test ITB-